Use This Way to Convince Your Wife to Cuckold You

I know a lot of you guys have trouble getting your girlfriends or wives to cuckold you. Your girlfriend/wife used to dress up sexy and flirt with guys but as soon as you told her you want her to cuckold…

The Most Enjoyable Cuckolding Moment

I love to design and play cuckolding scenarios.

Below is one of my favorites.

I am walking with my cuck on the beach. Suddenly three white guys dragged me into a beach house. My cuck saw me moaning “fuck me hard…” in missionary position on…

All about brown Shower

Brown shower is the sex act when a woman with a soft juicy delicious ass has her anus inches from a males face starts to defecate into the waiting male mouth thus causing the male to ejaculate while tasting and smelling of a womans shit.

More & more men are interested in brown shower in recent years. Usually my subs get turned on by the process but once they get the shit and reach the orgasm, then its over.

Why does it turn them on? I think they see it as ultimate form of humiliation. It’s the humiliation that turns them on.

What Are Best Ways To Be A Sissy & Crossdresser?

Apparel is the most easy part in sissy training.You can start with wearing female panties, stockings, bras, wig, skirt..then highheels, boots, sandals.

Makeup is something further. You can lear from dommes about how to put on nice makeup on face to enhance the feminine look.

The next level is to actually live as a female after you create a nice feminine appearance. You learn to eat as elegant as a lady. You sit down to pee like a lady. Yoy learn to swing your ass walking like a lady.

Why do I enjoy training sissy slaves?

I noticed there are tons of souls trapped in the wrong body shell. I would like to free their soul from the wrong shell and spread female supremacy & power all over the world via sissy training.

I enjoy the successful outcome of such training. They will become a delicate sissy slut for me eventually.

We only live once so we gotta be true to ourselves. Spirtual happiness is much more important and vital to oneself than material joy. I hope all sissywannabe or beginners bravely explore your true pursuit.

Rich CEOs Pay Big Money to Eat Shit

It is 100% true that some rich CEOs in Japan do such thing.

Only rich men with required networth can join such shit-eating club. The shit they serve comes from healthy japanese teens. They are required to eat healthy organic food and exercise regularly. When rich men come to the club, they can select the color, texture, flavor from the shit menue, chef will even cook fresh shit with edible gold foil. If you are not rich enough, you are not qualified to eat such shit.

Acutally not only in Japan, many slaves , especially toilet slaves in BDSM will pay tribute to eat shit from Dominatrix.

I Am Addicted to Facesitting

Facesitting is one of my passions in BDSM. I can not live without it.

I like getting banged by my two black bulls first then I sit on my long tongue cuck.

I like to order him lick, drag and suck my swolllen big pussy lips. I love his long tongue shoving in my creamy pussy.

Once You Experience It, You Can Not Live Without It!

Once you engage yourself in prostate orgasm, you realize you drive more pleasure from it than traditional intercourse. You can have multiple intense prostate orgasms in 15-20minutes. This is the conclusion after my 785 strap-on sessions.

Why do I enjoy spanking/whipping my slaves?

1 Control and power. (And for me especially, being given the trust that I will not harm them, but I will do the spanking for them.)
2 Getting rid of some negative emotions. I can vent on them or concentrate on the “victim” (i like this word in context of consensual games). Very close to meditation and/or dancing with them.
3 I make very good connection with my slaves in the form of spanking. As the spanking goes on, sometimes it feels to me that the souls just unite.
4 The reward of seeing happy smile on face of the victim.
5 The slaves’ screams make me excited.

About the author

Alpha Males’ Fetish Thrives During Coronavirus

As a experienced chastity dominatrix, I locked more sub/slaves up in chastity cage during Covid. Most of my slaves work from home during Covid.

If he is a beginner, he will start with a few hours in chastity.I order him to submit self-locking video…

Cuckoldress & Domme

Cckoldress & Dominatrix based in london, new york and dubai.

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